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Getting Started
Creating a Project
If you have a meaningful and positive idea that can enhance the lifestyles of people or the condition of the environment, we encourage you to share it.
To create a Project, start by clicking "Create a Purpose" on the menu header. Anyone that meets our Project Guidelines can create a Project on GoPurpose. Once you review and agree with the GoPurpose Project Guidelines, you may "Start your Project".
Draft Mode

You can always save your Project creation process at any time as a draft and return to it later. Simply click on "Save" and your progress will be saved till that point. Only one draft can be saved at a time.

Project Creators:
  • Must be at least 18 years old to create a Project on GoPurpose.
  • Have a bank account.
Project Guidelines
  • Projects on GoPurpose must promote a positive endeavour, either socially or environmentally. GoPurpose is about finding and creating a purpose that can make the future a better place.
  • We encourage people to take on "Impacts" or Creative Projects within our pre-selected categories: Animals, Community, Environment, Education, Health, Religion, Women, Children, Culture, Travel, Life, Art, Design, Film and Video, Photography, Music, Technology, Games, and Food.
  • Projects cannot exceed 60 days in length.
  • Projects must be clear about the current state of development. They must show details about the current progress of the work, including but not limited to, production prototypes (if applicable), production plans, designs and sketches, photographs, and videos.
Prohibited Practices:
  • Projects cannot offer alcohol, drugs, pornographic material as Rewards.
  • Project descriptions, Rewards, or updates must not include offensive materials, such as hate speech, or endorsements of political candidates.
  • Project Creators cannot sell Rewards they did not produce.
  • Project Creators cannot offer equity, shares, loans, or cash as rewards.
Getting Prepared
Creating and running a Project is fun but a lot of work! To become more successful, here are some things you should plan and consider:
  • Create a detailed budget for all your costs. Also take into consideration foreseeable problems or issues.
  • Be creative with your Rewards! The more interesting the Rewards, the more likely people will contribute to your Project. Make sure you talk to your friends and family to get feedback!
  • Have a plan to promote your Project. Consider using Social Media to get the word out.
Setting a Funding Goal
When setting a funding goal, you should consider a budget of all your costs as well as the feasibility of the goal.
Here are some things to think about:
  • How many people will need to contribute to attain your goal?
  • Do I know that many people?
  • How much would each person have to pledge to reach my goal?

Remember to set a good estimate. Too high or too low a goal would not be good for your Project.

Setting a Deadline
The maximum funding duration on GoPurpose is 60 days. Stretching the duration of the project does not necessarily translate to more funds raised.
Set the deadline you need the money for. After your Project finishes its fundraising period and is successful, it may take up to 15 business days to receive the funds. This time period is ultimately determined by the bank receiving the funds. Plan your deadline accordingly.
Writing the Project's Details
When writing this section of your Project you should consider the things Funders would want to know:
  • What are you trying to do?
  • Why are you trying to raise funds?
  • How will you achieve your goal?
  • How will you use the funds?
  • Who are you and what are your qualifications?
  • Who is on your team?
  • What is the current state of the Project?
  • What are the risks and challenges of the Project?
  • How can you overcome these risks and challenges?

Try to provide as much information as possible and be honest in discussing the risks and challenges of the Project. The more transparency you provide, the greater trust Funders will have in your Project.

Project Video
GoPurpose requires Project Creators to make and upload a video for their Projects. Statistics show that a well-made video increases the probability of funding success. When making a video, we recommend the Project Creators speak about the Project in person, as transparency and trust are important for Funders.
Use the video to explain who you are, the story and reason behind the Project, the Rewards you chose, and, more importantly, personally ask for support from the community. Most of all, try to have fun and be creative!
Project Rewards
Typical Rewards are a copy of the product being created, but we recommend adding a personal, one-of-a-kind value or experience to your Rewards to truly incentivise the Funders! You can also use Rewards as an opportunity to engage with the Funders by offering unique acknowledgements, creative collaborations, or limited supply Rewards.
Rewards exist to benefit the Funders as well as the Project Creators. When choosing Reward prices, consider that the most common amount that is chosen by Funders is typically around $10 - $75. The maximum pledge amount for any Reward is $10,000.
Sample Rewards for Creative Projects:
  • Pre-sale copies of the product
  • Producer credits to the Project
  • Signed collector's editions of the product
  • Invitations to an event or party
  • Discounts or coupons
  • Personalised prints
  • A creative role in the development
Sample Rewards for "Impacts" Projects:
  • Community donated rewards such as tours, discounts, recipes.
  • Personalised "Thank You" messages
  • Vouchers to events or meals
  • Trips for Meet-and-Greets
  • Membership discounts
  • Branded merchandise

You may also limit the quantity of your Rewards by typing the "Number Available". If left blank, the Reward quantity becomes unlimited. This is particularly useful for offering limited access to special events or personalised Rewards.

Estimating the Rewards Delivery Date

When estimating the delivery date of a certain Reward, you will have to consider your Project timeline and the type of Reward you are offering. Be generous in your time estimation! Give yourself enough time to deliver.

Setting Shipping Options for your Rewards
You may declare what types of shipping options are offered for your Rewards. Some Rewards have no shipping involved at all. In other cases, you may allow only domestic shipping or international shipping. When allowing international shipping, you have the option of adding a shipping fee. When adding a shipping fee, the additional price will be shown in the Reward description on the Project page. Funders will also be prompted with this fee when they choose that Reward and checkout.

We highly recommend using registered mail when sending your Rewards. Registered mail requires the receiver to sign and confirm they have received your Reward. This helps minimise the potential for loss or fraudulent activity.

Project Team Members
Projects run by a team are typically much more successful than solo Projects. If you have additional team members, you can add their names, job positions, profile pictures, links to their Social Network pages, and biographies. We suggest you provide as much information as possible about all of your team members by providing links to their Social Networks, uploading their profile pictures, and creating informative biographies containing the qualifications of your members.

To add Team Members during the Project creation phase, you can click "Add Team Member" near the bottom of the page in the "Enhance" tab.

Approval Process
Congratulations! Once you have finished creating your Project, you can submit it to GoPurpose for review.

Typically the review process takes about a week where we make sure the Project complies with our Guidelines. Often, our review analysts may contact you offering helpful feedback on ways to improve the presentation of the Project. Once your Project is approved, you may launch it!

Launching your Project
Once you have planned your entire Project, presented it in a well-structured manner, designed the Rewards, and obtained approval from our review analysts, you may launch your Project!

When launching your Project, you will be prompted with an agreement holding you accountable to fulfil your duties, to the best of your ability, as stated in your Project or return the funds to your Funders whose Rewards cannot be fulfilled.

Surpassing Funding Goals

In the event the Project raises funds exceeding the funding goal, the Project Creators will receive all additional funds, minus the GoPurpose Fee. These funds could be used to scale up or improve the quality of the Project.

Don't Use Copyrighted Material
Do not use photos, videos, or any content that you did not create or have the rights to use. The use of copyrighted material is against the law and may lead to substantial lawsuits in the future.
In the case of copyright infringement, GoPurpose will exercise our right to protect ourselves and remove the content from the GoPurpose website ("Site") immediately. Consistent abuse of copyright infringement could lead to account termination.

The best practice would be to simply create all the content yourself or only use content that is free for public use.

Post Updates
"Post Updates" is the primary tool for the Project Creators to communicate development updates ("Updates") to the Funders and/or public. Project Creators have the option to make the update visible to the public or to Funders only.
Within each Update, the Project Creators may upload photos, videos, and links. We recommend posting Updates frequently as it gives your Funders more insight into the progress of your Project and more opportunities for them to be engaged in the process and to give feedback.
Edit Project
Your Project can be edited even after you have launched it. However, you can only amend information from the following list:
  • Project Title
  • Project Descriptions
  • Project Image / Video
  • Add New Rewards
  • Edit or delete Rewards that have no Funders choosing that Reward
  • Add / Modify team members
Communicating with your Funders

With GoPurpose, there are many tools for Project Creators to communicate with Funders and vice versa. We recommend Project Creators promptly respond to personal messages within the Message Box page, reply to comments on their Projects, and consistently post Updates. Transparency is very important to establish trust.

Delays in Delivering Rewards

In the event that you are faced with unexpected setbacks or did not allot enough time for yourself, you, as Project Creators, are expected to post an Update regarding the situation and explain how you plan to deal with it.

Editing Your Project After Funding is Completed
After funding is completed, Project Creators may no longer edit their Projects.

However, the "Post Update" function will still be available for Project Creators to add additional information regarding the development and progress of the Project.

Resubmitting an Unsuccessful Project

If your Project is unsuccessful, you are always welcome to make modifications and try again.

Managing Funder Information
With our Funder Report tool, you will be able to manage the information from your Funders and communicate directly with them. The Funder Report Tool allows you to:
  • View and sort the Funder's information by different Rewards.
  • Directly communicate with each Funder to request information or give updates.

All of this information can be exported as a spreadsheet (CSV) file. You can filter to select specific Rewards and export a spreadsheet file according to that filtered list of Rewards. Spreadsheet files can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or Google Drive.

Visible Funder Information

As Project Creators, you will be able to see the Funder's username, contribution amount, date of contribution, selected reward, and shipping address / phone number (if applicable). Credit card information or any other personal identification will be excluded.

Trouble Viewing Chinese in the Spreadsheet (CSV) File
If you are having difficulty viewing Chinese characters in your Funder Report spreadsheet, please follow these instructions:
  • Open a new workbook in Microsoft Excel
  • Click the "Data Tab"
  • Click "From Text"
  • Browse and open the CSV File
  • Under "File Origin", locate "65001: Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Click "Next"
  • Under "Delimiters", make sure "Tab" and "Comma" are selected.
  • Click "Finish"
  • Click "Ok" on the popup

Receiving Your Funds
If your Project is successfully funded, we will email you prompting you for your account information so the funds could be transferred to you via wire transfer. The type of bank account information you need to provide is the following:
Inside the U.S.:
  • Name on Account
  • Account Number
  • Account Address
  • Routing Number
  • Bank Name
  • Phone Number
Outside the U.S.:
  • Name on Account
  • Account Number
  • Account Address
  • SWIFT Code
  • Bank Name
  • Bank City
  • Bank to Bank instructions (if necessary)
  • Phone Number

This disbursement of funds could take up to 15 business days, depending on the bank the funds are being transferred to. You will receive a confirmation from GoPurpose when this disbursement is sent.

Raising Funds for a Non-Profit Organisation

If your Project is raising funds for a Non-Profit Organisation ("NPO"), you will need to provide the EIN, or Employer Identification Number. Donations to these organisations are tax-deductible but it is the responsibility of the NPO to supply the tax-deductible receipts to the donors.