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Empowering Social Good in a Sustainable Way

We want to crowdfund differently. Every project on GoPurpose aims for sustainability, provides short and long term goals and, most importantly, improves our world.

GoPurpose does not just want to help, we want to create solutions.

Our Passion
GoPurpose's motto is to "Live Well While Doing Good." We believe there are countless passionate people in the world, but few real sustainable solutions. With increased transparency and measured results, GoPurpose will enhance efficiency for a greater social impact.
Mission Statement
"Our vision is a society where small businesses, social enterprises, NGOs, and individuals who are dedicated to making a positive and economically sustainable impact can connect seamlessly with donors and investors. GoPurpose's mission is to facilitate connections through our crowdfunding platform, increasing the flow of capital to those who aim to improve our world.”
How It Works
Project Creators
  • Have a meaningful idea
  • Decide how much they need to fund the project, set a deadline, and create rewards
  • Launch the project
  • Share the project on social media to create a wider audience
  • Interact with funders directly
  • Update funders on their success
Project Supporters
  • Donate to fund a project & receive periodic updates
  • Interact with Project Creators
  • Share projects on social media
  • Inspire friends with meaningful ideas to create projects on GoPurpose
  • Create News Posts about meaningful causes
  • Attend events to support Projects
  • Receive great rewards from the Reward Center
Live Well While Doing Good